Spring is almost here but winter is not yet ready to go

As I sit here watching snowflakes swirl around outside, gently landing on the 3-4″ of snow already on the ground, it’s hard to imagine that just a few days ago, it was 65 degrees and sunny and that the first day of Spring (March 20, 12:57 p.m. — also our 5th wedding anniversary) is only a few days from now.

I wrote an article, published on the blog for Transformational Acupuncture, and wanted to share here.

Seven Opportunities to Get Outside, Explore DC, and Move Your Body

I love being outside and will ride my bike in nearly all types of weather, rain, cold, sleet, but my favorite type of weather is sunny and warm. I lived for a time in the Los Angeles area and 90% of the time the weather was conducive to being outside, hiking, biking, rollerblading, beach going or just sitting.

I moved to the DC area in 1997 and had a bit of a difficult time transitioning out of my car but now avoid driving at all costs. My husband and I together own more bicycles than necessary but they are tools to explore the city and a testament to a lifestyle we’ve chosen. [Read More]

I’ve been wanting to write more frequently on a variety of topics but haven’t made it enough of a priority on a regular basis.

An early morning commuter walks through snow covered Franklin Park in Washington, Monday, March 17, 2014. (AP Photo/J. David Ake). WASHINGTON

I’ve been writing letters to property tax assessors, to potential volunteers for multisport events, to regional club leaders to inform them of discounts and opportunities for their memberships, to vendors to explain why the design they’ve sent me isn’t meeting my needs, and to energetic and enthusiastic people to engage and empower them to take leadership roles in the administering of work (long story). All of the above is worthwhile and necessary writing but it isn’t terribly creative or soul satisfying.

After the demise of what seemed like a dream job, I’ve been having a difficult time regrouping and putting out feelers and applications for other sorts of work. My acupuncturist tells me that I’m still grieving and maybe that’s true. I am vowing to move on to create my new existence and apply my communication and writing expertise to a variety of potential clients. My part-time work at Ris at Union Market gives me an opportunity to work with the owner and develop a plan to expand the community of Ris-lovers and engage them via social media without too much effort or expense.

As I’m sorting all of this out, I’m also exploring the possibility of becoming a license real estate sales person since I’m constantly eyeballing potential houses for sale and seem to be pretty good at networking and connecting people to services, other people, and things they need. I feel it’s time to spend some of the energy I’ve been extending to others on myself and focusing on reaching my full potential. Stay tuned for more exciting news!


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